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these terms of use and terms and conditions apply to all type of users, both content producers and content consumers or any type of user



1.1 with regards to copyright protected material, you can not post content that is copyright protected, Unless it complies with the fair use policy. To find out more about fair use, Please see here

1.2 Any content that is copyright protected can be taken down, deleted and removed, If the owner of the copyright protected content has made melzidek aware of it and desires to have it removed.


2.1 Any content that you post on melzidek, users can share it, comment on it and quote it.

2.2 Any content you upload is your responsibility, melzidek is not responsible for it or affiliated with it

2.3 Melzidek has the right to promote/market your content whether they are blog posts, Activity posts, Topics, Photo, video or audio uploads.

2.4 While melzidek will go the extra mile to secure your content, melzidek is not responsible for what you upload.

2.5 We reserve the right to delete any content that violates our user guidelines policy


3.1 If you have applied to manage a station and have a station active, The station is owned by melzidek. All programs on that station belong to melzidek.

3.2 Melzidek can remove the station from the platform or change the manager of that station.

3.3 The use of profane language is prohibited on all melzidek features. If the station radio personalities or DJ’S use profanity in their programs, melzidek will demand that they be removed from the station platform.

4 E-commerce

4.1 If you use our ecommerce Services to sell products or services  through melzidek.com, Melzidek has the right to remove your products for any reason melzidek may have for doing so. This, After you have withdrawn your accumulation from the melzidek platform.


  • We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time, Be sure to check on our terms regularly.
  • Any modifications that were made to these terms for legal purposes will be effective immediately, However, any modifications that were made for any other reason will take effect after 14 days.
  • If there is a conflict between our currently modified version of our terms and our older version of our terms, The recently modified version will be regarded as the legally binding version.
  • If you, For any reason, You are not satisfied or disagree with the recently modified version of our terms, You may deactivate your account and stop using our services or platform.


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