The greatest concept rap album of all time

The greatest concept rap album of all time

Over the years hip hop has evolved many times and gone through metamorphosis. From the dance floor centered style of the late 70s to early 80s, the lyrical content driven style of the early 90s to the late 2000s, To the current time of of trap drum driven style.

Greatest era

For me, The greatest eon of hip hop has to be from the early 90s to late 2000s.
The production was hella dope, The concepts were genius and the lyrical content was filled with clever rhymes, Punchlines and incredible flows. Rappers took their time to create a masterpiece.

Rappers made sure they had radio songs, Songs that people who are not acquainted with the culture could listen to, While making sure that the rest of the songs on the album were conceptual, creative and lyrically suited for the hip
hop head.

Current era

Currently, Hip Hop is all about singles. That’s understandable because hip hop is huge
now and rappers are not just rap stars, They are pop stars. The game is saturated and
the demand is huge so rappers never take as long as they did to create a full project.
One can even dare to say that rap albums are now an artist’s compilation of best songs
they got on the lab. While before, They had to be inter connected. Think of modern
hip hop as a cartoonist and the 90s hip hop as paintings or sculptures.

The greatest concept album

The greatest hip hop concept album of all time for me has to be Ready to die by
The notorious B.I.G.

Ready to die is mini segments or episodes of the life of the man born in
in the intro. It’s about all the things he could have become if he didn’t find a way out
of the ghetto through rapping. The entire album encapsulates dr.dre’s verse on snoop dogg’s song titled Imagine, Which details the life that popular rappers would have lived if hip hop never existed.

Ready to die is a masterpiece that should speak to each and every one of us, No matter
what background you come from or circumstances you find yourself in,  You can turn every negative situation into a positive. As B.I.G says in the intro, All
you need is a plan.

Fate purposely decided it would not be biggie’s picture on the cover But some random boy. See this album as, Not biggie’s, But this boy’s life and what it could have been it he didn’t have a plan

Biggie is the steven spielberg of the hip hop community. Rest in power king, P.I.P Christopher wallace 21 may 1972 – 9 march 1997

Go through every song in the album and tell me which life you think biggie would have
lived if he didn’t, As he says, “have great plans” which means rapping.
Drop your opinion in the comment section below.