Barcelona VS Atletico Post Match Review

The game against atletico was very interesting for me, The game started at a high pace
with barca looking to get that early goal, We had the ball more, possession was our’s
surely, But as the game played on, Atletico started to gain control of the ball.

With luck on our side, Or lack of misfortune, We could have had a goal or two
earlier on in the game and that would have given us conform and ease to knock the ball around. At times i thought we were too quick to try to score without really
opening up atletico with passes and that caused atletico to have more of the ball.


I know coutinho has been an issue off late but i wasn’t displeased by his performance
at all, He was making important passes but he still was not as sharp as we expect him
to be. I’m one of those who really hope coutinho finds his way in the barca shirt again,
We know what he can give us and what he is capable of, But we are not getting it fully and that chance he missed was supposed to have been buried.


Messi wasn’t in his best, But when messi is a bit off-ish, It’s usually with regards to strike accuracy or clinical strikes, All in all i thought his game was great, Just unlucky a lot during the game.


Malcolm was great too, He came in later on in the game but he made an impact and gave us the extra edge we needed, I really hope barca keep him.

Overall, It was a great game, Great performance from barca, Oblak was sensational for
atletico at the poles, But eventually the inevitable happened, Suarez showed up when we needed him the most, Reminding us why he’s one of barca’s great ever.

How am i feeling about the game? 🙂