Barca struggle against villarreal

Barcelona’s performance against villarreal was one of barca’s poorest of the season’s and we are lucky to escape this one with a point.

Valverde’s decision to play langlet and umtiti together was understandable, We have two important matches coming up, Atletico on saturday and the champions league quarter- final against man united on wednesday so resting pique was a good decision.

Umtiti was off, He looked like a player that hasn’t played in months, while langlet struggled to keep chukwueze at bay. In fact, Barca’s defence was all but a mess, Having started well with a quick two goal lead, where did things go wrong?

In my opinion, I think once our middlefield players started struggling to find each other with passes, Put more pressure on our defence and forced us to play from the back more, Something we usually do well but failed to execute against villarreal.

Sergio busquets’ best days may very well be behind him But the performance he put on was terrible, Even for his current form this season.

The introduction of messi did what was expected, But even with messi, We are incredibly lucky to get a point out of this

Best player on the day for me was samuel chukwueze, He antagonised langlet and when the ball was on his feet, It caused so much space to open for other players, And one on one against langlet, He won every time.

Emoji to describe my feeling about the game? 🙁